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Personal Care Consultation & Placement Services
*Alternative Living Solutions*






Our Resourcing Services include referrals and assistance for all types and levels of Senior Care needs in a variety of settings...


We have great admiration for the Senior Care Facilities, Home Health Care and medical community for the very high standards of care they have created to assist the mobility challenged. We have dedicated Our lives to deliver home modification to the mobility challenged that meet those established standards of care that define the Aging In Place movement.


Mark and Gary are senior citizens themselves. They have dedicated their lives on a personal level with their own loved ones as well as on a professional level to help ‘put’ back into the community…As Aging-in-Place Certified Specialist we are actively involved with volunteering and Community Services. We also do Continuing Education by attending many community senior meetings, events, seminars, and symposiums...



Aging in Place supports the notion that older persons should be able to maintain a desirable lifestyle by participating in their communities, remaining independent as their health allows, having access to educational, cultural, and recreational facilities, feeling safe, and living in an intergenerational environment. This is especially true of low- to moderate-income older persons whose financial constraints limit their choices.


Support network:

A key factor to a successful aging-in-place arrangement is having a network of support that includes proximity to family and social interaction, as well as convenient access to health care, financial and other services.


Over time we have gathered many Resources, Agencies, and Professional Contacts that We would like to share with You...Asking the right questions, finding the necessary resources and arranging appropriate care can be a confusing, demanding and a stressful process...



We know you value living in your own home but when failing health becomes too overwhelming to remain in your home it might be time that you and your loved ones think about alternative housing. We know that finding care and alternative housing can be confusing and time consuming.












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Member of AARP
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Certified Aging In Place (CAPS-1, 2 and 3)
-AARP & National Association of Home Builders-


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**We have been a General Contractor with over 24 yrs. of experience. **