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Every year one in every three people over age 65 fall, mostly in their homes. Up to 30% of these adults suffer a serious injury, such as a hip fracture, which can make it difficult for them to get around and greatly increase the risk of early death..




Aging-In-Place Assessments:


Over time Mark and Gary have made modifications for their Families and loved ones as well as in their own homes. Their awareness over time, led them to pursuing the Aging-In-Place movement. Since then,they have become more educated by regularly attending many classes, community senior meetings, events, seminars, and symposiums..


Now As a Certified Aging In Place Specialist, we can work with the unique needs of older adults and individuals with physical limitations. We create a safe, comfortable, stylish and more independent life in your home for both now and the future.


We are also trained in modification projects, costs, home accessibility issues, solutions to common barriers, product recommendations, codes, standards, the process and resources needed to provide a complete aging in place solution.


We have great admiration for the Senior Care Facilities, Home Health Care and medical community for the very high standards of care they have created to assist the mobility challenged. I have dedicated my life to deliver home modification to the mobility challenged that meet those established standards of care that define the Aging In Place movement.






*When you hire a CAPS Professional, you are obtaining Certified Service rather than a product*


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General B Contractor Lic. #549783
Member of AARP
Bonded & Insured
Certified Aging In Place (CAPS-1, 2 and 3)
-AARP & National Association of Home Builders-



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**We have been a General Contractor with over 24 yrs. of experience. **