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Are you really stressed out because you are getting old?  (Sometimes there is no gentler way of putting aging into a gentle word).  It’s not an easy time.


Perhaps you are caring for an older person and sometimes you feel like deserting them.  Caring for someone that is elderly isn’t an easy time either. Here is the reality of it all.  Life doesn’t get easier.  That’s a promise!   The Golden years was probably a phrase made up by some someone who hasn’t reached fifty yet! ” Ahhh” (he or she thought)” to be retired and be able to rest and relax.”


There are ways to COMPENSATE for the facts, and still enjoy your LIVES…whether you are the caregiver, or the older citizen.


Your best stress management course of action in either case is to be prepared, MENTALLY.  There is only so much you can do about a body as it deteriorates.  Though this is the natural way of things.













“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”  ~Reinhold Niebuhr



Mark and Gary are senior citizens and help take care of their own Parents which are in their mid & upper 80's. We want to help and give back at this time in our lives. We are offering our personal and educated experiences to help you. Mark and Gary also deal with the everyday stresses of being caregivers and helping others. We also have made modifications for our Families and loved ones as well as in are own homes. Our awareness over time, led us to pursuing the Aging-In-Place movement. Since then, we have become more educated by regularly attending many classes, community senior meetings, events, seminars, and symposiums..


Now As a Certified Aging In Place Specialist, we can work with the unique needs of older adults and individuals with physical limitations. We create a safe, comfortable, stylish and more independent life in your home for both now and the future.





I also do:


*Section 8
*Senior Housing 202
*Banks/Vendor Contractor
*SBE Certified State

*Property Management Repairs


General B Contractor Lic. #549783
Member of AARP
Bonded & Insured
Certified Aging In Place (CAPS-1, 2 and3)
-AARP & National Association of Home Builders-



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**We have been a General Contractor with over 26 yrs. of experience**